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If You Lost Half and Orchestra, What Remaining Half Would Produce the Worst Possible Sound?

Mass Daylight Savings errors. An atrocious traffic jam. Rampant occurrences of the bus scene from Whiplash. All of these highly-plausible scenarios could result in half of an orchestra not being able to attend a performance. In order to assist music directors around the world, the Modern Mucker sets off to determine the absolute worst-case scenario for a semi-orchestra so that they can plan to avoid this situation at all costs.


Thanks to our experts:

David Charles Abell

Boson Mo

Brandon Bell

Discussed in this episode:

The Sackbutt

Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer"

Tchaikovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers"

Hosted and Produced by Mike Schubert

Written and Researched by Ananya Hegde and Mike Schubert

Editing, Scoring, and Sound Design by  Brandon Grugle

Senior Project Management by Fredia Lucas

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